In Memoriam

This small fish - the Candy Darter (pictured here at about twice its size) - is a West Virginia native. It was first collected and identified as a unique species in 1931. Once found in 35 different populations its number has been reduced by more than 75%. Many things have contributed to its demise, pollution among them. The Candy Darter is going extinct, as are we. Oh, we’re not as pretty or as colorful and perhaps no one will miss us but the fact is that more species have gone extinct than exist now; it’s how life advances.

The Candy Darter, however, is an innocent; it has no control over its fate… and at this point, neither do we, although we do have the opportunity to put our extinction off by perhaps a thousand years or so. I chose to make the background ‘quilt’ on this particular painting reminiscent of some of the patterning on Native American blankets which first captured my attention many, many years ago, thus linking the extinction of one fish to other extinctions that have taken place on these lands in which I live.

Painted on a Liquid Art Board, this piece is self-framed although it could be set in a larger frame if desired.