An Equitable Arrangement

This particular Fish-out-of-Water painting utilizes pearlescent painted rectangles as part of the background “quilt.” These 'windows' serve at the symbolic function of the possibility of gaining access to another dimension… a dimension, perhaps more watery. These two have found each other in this strange, flat land, but dream together of a land that is no land at all… but water, the which they came. These are the partners refer to each other as “twin souls,” both of whom long for an escape from the material world into a dimension where perhaps they may exist as one. For now, though, they must endure this equitable arrangement, both on the same page, in the same place, making do.
It is difficult to photograph pearlescent paint and retain any kind of detail beneath it, but that is precisely why I used it. You cannot hear into another dimension from this one and hope to see as clearly as you might if you could just dive through.
The edges of this piece are a continuation of the “quilted” background so that it need not be framed although this particular painting feels as if it would benefit from a frame, as if it might be needed to hold the water that is not water in.