Breaking Free

This piece was one of the most challenging paintings I’ve created. The background is a quilting pattern referred to as “broken plates.” My goal was to imitate a sense of depth – like water – by using mixed shades of darker blues for the left side and bottom of the work and having them gradually reduced in number as later shades were introduced moving towards the right side of the painting and the top. The challenge was not a technical one, but a physical one. My brain – which has been tested a couple of times now – is equally balanced, right and left. I am – perhaps as a result of that? – fully functionally ambidextrous. If I put a pencil in each hand and put my hands in front of me on a piece of paper, I can write as it were, from the inside, out… only the left side will be a mirror image of the right. I can do the same, upside down. This may not sound like a problem, but it is, because apparently my brain has some difficulty “interpreting” when something is up or down, left or right. (Learning to drive was disastrous.)
Because my goal was to have every “border” of every triangle meet a different color on each side, and there are so many triangles… well, let’s just say it didn’t always work out in the first time around… or sometimes, the second. Sometimes my brain would see what I was looking at as a left long-side triangle and when I went to tape the edges in order to paint, I would instead tape the triangle next to it which was facing the other direction. There were numerous variations of that particular theme. The background it took much longer than other backgrounds I have created simply because there were so many opposite facing triangles. The painting took well over a month to complete.
Because I paint what I paint based on ‘information’ that arises from some un-named and un-known aspect of myself, I often don’t catch on to what the work is ‘saying’ until it is complete. In the case of Breaking Free, the meanings seem to be plural… there’s breaking free from circumstances or situations but also breaking free from one’s own past in various ways. It’s deep. Literally.