Because I Am

The Leopard Wrasse – pictured here – is one of a variety of Wrasse… all of them sequentially hermaphroditic. The Wrasse are not the only species in which hermaphroditism – sequential or otherwise – occurs. While such occurrences are common in nature, the fact of their existence seems to be ignored by those who are fearful of diversity of any sort. I choose to celebrate it, to honor it, for without diversity – of every sort – stagnation sets in at every level of existence and humanity, as a species, “Sequential hermaphroditism (called dichogamy in botany) is a type of hermaphroditism that occurs in many fish, gastropods, and plants. Sequential hermaphroditism occurs when the individual changes sex at some point in its life. In animals, the different types of change are male to female (protandry), female to male (protogyny), female to hermaphrodite (protogynous hermaphroditism), and male to hermaphrodite (protandrous hermaphroditism). Those that change gonadal sex can have both female and male germ cells in the gonads or can change from one complete gonadal type to the other during their last life stage.” Wikipedia As human beings we are "spirits trapped in a material form," essentially, like this beauty, we are fish out of water. We are ALL fish out of water and out compassion for that fact should surpass any other identifiers that are 'pasted' on us by any other human beings or institutions. We are what we are and everyone, a treasure. 20x24x1.5"