Exit Stage Left

When this painting came to me, wanting to be, it felt as if subject was either a “Before” or an “After” image in a before-and-after Life on Earth ad. I didn’t know if this little fish, so definitely in water, was diving out of the aethers into life or diving into the aethers out of life. About a week into the work I found out when my sister died. Needless to say, my sister and I had been close, especially so when we were very young when I was solace for her in the midst of what seemed like a vast and never-ending morass of abuse. It is no surprise to me that my body picked up on the subtle signals her body was sending.
We do not just magically appear on the screen… there is an energy… some ephemeral essence that we are that has the capability of inhabiting and animating form. That’s who we really are, that ephemeral essence… that’s what my fishes represent. The waters are aethers. We come and we go with attendant joy and sadness on the human side of the equation. It is a lovely, precious, and delicate thing, this life; I wish more people understood.